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Achieving academic success in college is a combination of factors, including obtaining personal, social, and economic success. Our academic success publications and resources include all of these factors – providing college students real-life information they can use in an easy-to-read format. In addition, our publications are developed to be easily implemented into any college success program. By covering a wide-range of topics in short concise chapters, instructors can easily develop programming around the needs of their specific students. Providing the tools and resources to achieve academic success should never be inhibited by price. That is why part of our mission statement is to ensure we deliver the most cost-effective products possible – if not for free. That is why our publications are currently the lowest priced college success textbooks on the market and why we offer our clients/followers access to our complete library of resources for free. Please learn more by visiting the various links below.

Life During College: Your Guide to Success

(5th Edition)

The MOST comprehensive, value-oriented college transition guide on the market. Packed with information, resources and tools to ensure your student achieves academic, personal, social, financial and career success throughout their college experience.

Life During College: The Online Learner's Guide to Success

LDC Online New Cover(First Edition) – Available March 2016

Life During College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist new Online Learners achieve academic, personal, financial and career success while completing their online education.



Online Certification Course

Our online certification course service is fully customizable online program designed for your program and target users. With an annual service fee as low as $1/user*, this service revolutionizes the delivery of our content, but makes it extremely affordable. The online course can easily be accessed by any device with internet access – a desktop, computer, tablet, as well as a Smart Phone. Thus, providing your users instant access to this valuable training tool.

Life During Community College: Your Guide to Success

LDC New Front Cover(First Edition) – Available March 2016

Life During Community College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist students achieve achieve academic, personal, social, financial and career success while attending community college and beyond.


Life During College: The Veteran's Guide to Success

(1st Edition)

The ESSENTIAL college transition guide written specifically for military veterans – covering academic, personal, social, financial and career success.


My First Year Experience Online Video Series

first-year-expA COMPREHENSIVE collection of video interviews of six first year college students as they complete their first year experience. Covering academic, personal, social, financial and career related topics.

A Few of Our Clients

Customer Comments

As a Student Support Services program at a two-year college, we have found the College Transition Publishing products the best resources for providing useful information for our students. These publications are easy to read, provide extremely useful information in a concise and informative style. We generally give out Life During College to our freshmen. This book covers everything a freshman should know from the day they first step and into their college career. It is a great for teaching a freshmen what they should know as a student — from study skills, getting along with roommates, advisement, enrolling in classes, how to get along with professors — this book has it all!

Linda Taylor
Director, Student Support Services
Murray State College

I just wanted to let you know how much your books helped make our workshop for students at Bowie State University such a great success. Initially, we had planned to provide the workshop just for our seniors to help prepare them with life skills for the real world. As we began to work with our student leaders in the planning of the workshop, we discovered that many under classmen were also interested in attending the workshop. We opened the workshop to all students, and they came. We have now been invited by our Housing Staff to present the “Life During College” Workshop for our freshmen class. The students particularly enjoyed all of the vast topics that both books cover, especially the information provided about banking, budgeting, credit cards and credit reports. Most of all they were pleased that they were given their own copy to keep for their own future reference.
Bowie State University, Alumni Relations

This is a great resource!  Actually helps kids with money aspects too.  Really great for student success.
Daphene Cyr Koch

Great tool for the real world!
The College of Wooster

Life During College provides an excellent list of all the practical advice possible for a student heading off to college. From getting good grades through balancing a checkbook, this roadmap through the difficult terrain of being a young student is thorough and detailed. I recommend it highly for graduating high school seniors.

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