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Achieving career success is certainly tied to industry knowledge obtained from experience and academics. However, a large factor of your long-term success in a career is attributed to a combination of developing your personal, social and financial skills. College Transition Publishing provides information, tools and resources to empower college students, interns and recent graduates to achieve career success. Every publication we produce has relevant career success components to assist college students as they enter college, transition through college, and begin their lives after graduation. As part of our mission statement, we deliver the most cost-effective products possible. We believe resources to help students achieve career success should not be inhibited by price. That is why our publications are currently some of the lowest college success guides on the market…and why we offer our clients/followers access to our online resources for free. Please learn more by visiting the links below.

Backpack to Briefcase: Steps to a Successful Career


Fourth Edition Backpack To Briefcase provides recent graduates the essential advice they need to navigate the working world in order to develop a successful career.



Online Certification Course

Our online certification course service is fully customizable online program designed for your program and target users. With an annual service fee as low as $1/user*, this service revolutionizes the delivery of our content, but makes it extremely affordable. The online course can easily be accessed by any device with internet access – a desktop, computer, tablet, as well as a Smart Phone. Thus, providing your users instant access to this valuable training tool.

Camo to Career: The Veteran's Guide to Career Success

CTC New CoverFirst Edition

Camo to Career is the essential career guide written exclusively for recently separated service members looking to launch a successful career.




A Few of Our Clients

Customer Comments

I was impressed with the information included, and know the need for getting it to the students. Therefore, I distributed it to students who participated in the “Life After Lyon” workshop series. Pleased with the service from the company.
Lyon College

Great tool for the real world!
The College of Wooster

I’m glad Terry shared his life experience—sometimes it seems presenters don’t and only talk theoretically. I know a lot about how to get a job from our career conference, but Terry’s presentation was great for what to do once you have a job. I really enjoyed listening to key concepts about life after graduation. Terry’s personal experience meant a lot to me.
Comments from Student Feedback forms – Principia College

Thank you Life After Graduation for providing such valuable information to the students and alumni of South Texas College! It has been such a great pleasure working with you all. After researching many products out on the market today, I found that Backpack to Briefcase to be the BEST resource for our students and alumni. Have a Great Day!
South Texas College

Connected well with stories. Very humorous. Kept everyone interested and entertained. Terry’s discussion on how to start an intelligent conversation with recruiter at a career fair was extremely valuable. I liked the way Terry gave us so much serious info and made it entertaining and memorable.
Comments from Student Feedback forms – Washington State University

Terry’s presentation was fun and entertaining. Our students loved how he applied the strategies of a successful first date and related it to being successful in their first jobs. Terry tapped into something that our students could easily relate to and then showed them how to use that knowledge to succeed in the workplace. In addition, Terry made himself available after the program to answer questions about career fairs, interviews and resumes. That was an added benefit we did not expect. We look forward to his next program at Washington State.
Britni – Washington State University

Terry’s advice on how to respond to questions asked in interview, at career fair or on the job was extremely valuable. I loved the tips the Terry provided regarding interviews. I also thought his suggestion on first impression tips was especially valuable.
Comments from Student Feedback forms – Wayne State University

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