Client Testimonials

Thank you for caring enough to write these books and for putting it an easy to read format. No college student wants to add another heavy reading to their already full schedule. I can’t wait to see the next book!
Catawba College Salisbury, NC

Comments from Student Feedback forms – Wayne State University
Terry’s advice on how to respond to questions asked in interview, at career fair or on the job was extremely valuable.
I loved the tips the Terry provided regarding interviews. I also thought his suggestion on first impression tips was especially valuable.

I was impressed with the information included, and know the need for getting it to the students. Therefore, I distributed it to students who participated in the “Life After Lyon” workshop series. Pleased with the service from the company.
Lyon College

Great tool for the real world!
The College of Wooster

Life During College provides an excellent list of all the practical advice possible for a student heading off to college. From getting good grades through balancing a checkbook, this roadmap through the difficult terrain of being a young student is thorough and detailed. I recommend it highly for graduating high school seniors.

I’m glad Terry shared his life experience—sometimes it seems presenters don’t and only talk theoretically. I know a lot about how to get a job from our career conference, but Terry’s presentation was great for what to do once you have a job. I really enjoyed listening to key concepts about life after graduation. Terry’s personal experience meant a lot to me.
Comments from Student Feedback forms – Principia College

We have ordered customized versions of “Life After Graduation” to give to our senior class as a gift from Career Services and Alumni Relations (we hand them out when they pick up their caps & gowns). The book contains such useful and practical information that every graduate needs to know, and the students always seem to appreciate being given a tangible gift. The customization has provided us the opportunity on the inside covers to highlight benefits and services available to them as alumni, as well as important contact information so they can stay connected. It’s great to have the book branded via the custom title and images on the front cover. The Life After Graduation staff have always been a pleasure to work with and delivered what they promised. I highly recommend this resource!
University of the Arts, Career Center

As a Student Support Services program at a two-year college, we have found The Life After Graduation publications one of the best resources for providing useful information for our students. These publications are easy to read, provide extremely useful information in a concise and informative style. We generally give out Life During College to our freshmen. This book covers everything a freshman should know from the day they first step and into their college career. It is a great for teaching a freshmen what they should know as a student — from study skills, getting along with roommates, advisement, enrolling in classes, how to get along with professors — this book has it all!
Linda Taylor
Director, Student Support Services
Murray State College

What a great little book! We worked with LAG on a customized version that was a big hit at our senior cook-out. We gave one to every senior who came through and they all seemed anxious to take a look. Kerwin and the LAG team made this an easy and effective way to connect with our newest alumni.
Northeastern State University

Your customer service was very helpful. Unfortunately, I misplaced the original invoice for materials and you had to call to get payment. Even then, you were very polite and I apologize again for my error.
Edgewood College

Working with Terry to set up this presentation was extremely easy. He was very accommodating and his presentation was extremely useful to our students. The information provided was applicable to various areas of our student’s lives and should be practical in many situations they may face. At the end of the program, Terry provided his contact information to all the participants and stated that he was available for any questions that they may have down the road. I would definitely recommend his program to anyone who is looking to service a student population.
Susan – Wayne State University

Thank you Life After Graduation for providing such valuable information to the students and alumni of South Texas College! It has been such a great pleasure working with you all. After researching many products out on the market today, I found that Backpack to Briefcase to be the BEST resource for our students and alumni. Have a Great Day!
South Texas College

I just wanted to let you know how much your books helped make our workshop for students at Bowie State University such a great success. Initially, we had planned to provide the workshop just for our seniors to help prepare them with life skills for the real world.

As we began to work with our student leaders in the planning of the workshop, we discovered that many under classmen were also interested in attending the workshop. We opened the workshop to all students, and they came. We have now been invited by our Housing Staff to present the “Life During College” Workshop for our freshmen class.

The students particularly enjoyed all of the vast topics that both books cover, especially the information provided about banking, budgeting, credit cards and credit reports. Most of all they were pleased that they were given their own copy to keep for their own future reference.
Bowie State University, Alumni Relations

This is a great resource actually helps kids with money aspects too really great for student success
Daphene Cyr Koch

We gave your books to our graduating seniors who attended an Alumni Association sponsored celebration barbecue. The books were very well received. We are considering purchasing more of those books for the same purpose this year, as well as copies of the Life During College booklet to give to our incoming freshman during orientation. We’re also considering a few copies of the Backpack to Briefcase for our Career Services Office. The books have been excellent gifts for our students.
Bemidji State University, Alumni Relations

I’m always impressed with how quickly the books arrive.
Susquehanna University

Terry’s presentation was fun and entertaining. Our students loved how he applied the strategies of a successful first date and related it to being successful in their first jobs. Terry tapped into something that our students could easily relate to and then showed them how to use that knowledge to succeed in the workplace. In addition, Terry made himself available after the program to answer questions about career fairs, interviews and resumes. That was an added benefit we did not expect. We look forward to his next program at Washington State.
Britni – Washington State University

Comments from Student Feedback forms – Washington State University
Connected well with stories. Very humorous. Kept everyone interested and entertained.
Terry’s discussion on how to start an intelligent conversation with recruiter at a career fair was extremely valuable.
I liked the way Terry gave us so much serious info and made it entertaining and memorable.

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