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Life During Community College: Your Guide to Success

LDC New Front Cover(First Edition) – Available March 2016 Life During Community College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist students achieve achieve academic, personal, social, financial and career success while attending community college and beyond.

Life During College: The Online Learner's Guide to Success

LDC Online New Cover(First Edition) – Available April 2016 Life During College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist new Online Learners achieve academic, personal, financial and career success while completing their online education.

Life During College: Your Guide to Success

(5th Edition) The MOST comprehensive, value-oriented college transition guide on the market. Packed with information, resources and tools to ensure your student achieves academic, personal, social, financial and career success throughout their college experience.

The WebApp

The WebApp service is an annual subscription based on the number of end users. With an annual service fee as low as $1/user*, the WebApp revolutionizes how readers access any of our books.

My First Year Experience Online Video Series

first-year-expA COMPREHENSIVE collection of video interviews of six first year college students as they complete their first year experience. Covering academic, personal, social, financial and career related topics.

Life During College: The Veteran's Guide to Success

(1st Edition) The ESSENTIAL college transition guide written specifically for military veterans – covering academic, personal, social, financial and career success.  

Camo to Career: The Veteran's Guide to Career Success

CTC New CoverFirst Edition

Camo to Career is the essential career guide written exclusively for recently separated service members looking to launch a successful career.




Life After Graduation

Life-After-Graduation (3rd Edition) The ULTIMATE guide to life after graduation covering the top financial and career tips, as well as advice and suggestions on how to maximize the college/young alumni relationship after graduation.  

Backpack to Briefcase


Fourth Edition Backpack To Briefcase provides recent graduates the essential advice they need to navigate the working world in order to develop a successful career.

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