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Chapter 13 focuses on time management. Students learn how to create a time log, learn valuable time management strategies, and how to avoid the most common time zappers.


  1. Keep track of the way you spend your time for three days. Use the sample time log illustrated at the beginning of this chapter, or create one that works well for you. If you want to see how you spend your time as a graphic, take the data from your three-day log and create a chart, using Microsoft’s Excel or a free online graphing service like
  2. Create a term calendar and a weekly time schedule. Commit to writing daily to-do lists for this week. At the end of the week, review your term calendar and weekly time schedule. What aspects of this exercise were helpful and something you can imagine continuing for the next month? What aspects were not helpful?

What are your most common “time zappers”? Write down your top five common “time zappers” and devise a plan to limit the amount of time they take up this week. Make sure you set reasonable expectations for yourself. Share your goals with a classmate or friend and report to that same person at the end of the week.

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