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Chapter 19 discusses how to pay for college. Topics include working while attending school, the FAFSA, federal grants and work study opportunities, and loans.

  1. Do you think students should have free or low-cost education available to them if they prove themselves academically in high school? Why or why not?
  2. Visit the “Big Three” websites (;; and and explore the resources, tools, and documents that pertain to your financial situation. Write a review of the top 5 most helpful sections of these pages.
  3. Make a list of organizations you and your parents belong to, interests you have, and subjects you would like to study. Search the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Education Resource Organization’s Directory website and/or your college’s financial aid office for scholarship and grant opportunities that might be available to you.
  4. Create a calendar for the upcoming year that will help you organize the various scholarships and deadlines.

Additional Exercises, LDC Website only

  1. Search current events for mentions of higher education (as well as how to pay for it). What seem to be the trends in the past few months?
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