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Chapter 21 teaches students how to select a bank that’s right for them, how (and why) to keep track of their account balance, and ways to save money on banking services.


  1. Fill out the chart on p. 146, then compare three specific banking options available to you. Which options do you think will be the best fit for your banking needs and habits?
  2. Research online money tracking sites that can help you manage your account. Some of them categorize expenses, send alerts when funds are low, and help you visualize your cash flow with charts and graphs. Your bank probably offers online services. If it doesn’t, check out sites like and
  3. Make a banking action plan and post it where you’ll remember to follow it. Your action plan might include a schedule for bill paying and balancing your checking account, a method for keeping track of receipts and transactions, and ways to leverage your bank use (for instance, can you pay for your tuition with a debit card that earns you airline miles?).
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