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Chapter 24 discusses the vital skills every student—no matter what his or her major is—needs to be successful in life after graduation.


  1. Use the table on page 163 to consider each of the nine skills and traits described in this chapter, document your accomplishments, and set short-term (this week, month, year) and long-term (by graduation) goals.
  2. Consider the classes you are currently enrolled in. How can you maximize your experience in those classes to develop the vital skills and traits covered in this chapter?
  3. Which extracurricular activities are you currently involved with? Choose two of the vital skills and traits discussed in this chapter and create a plan for developing them further through your participation in extracurricular activities.

Additional Exercises (LDC Website only)

  1. Work with classmates to compile a list of resources on campus that can help students develop the vital skills discussed in this chapter.
  2. Some of the skills included in this chapter are key parts of the curriculum—research and information literacy, for example. Others may not be taught directly—character, for instance, or civic participation. Which of the vital skills do you think college classes emphasize? Which ones do you think college classes need to include more of? Use specific examples to answer these questions.
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