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Chapter 5 focuses on developing relationships with instructors and classmates. We include tips on how to communicate with instructors (in person as well as online), how to make the most of a meeting with an instructor, and how to connect with other students.


  1. What qualities does a great instructor possess? List as many as possible.
  2. Think of teachers you’ve had in the past who were great but whose teaching style was very different from what usually works best for you. What made those teachers great?
  3. What expectations do college instructors have of their students that are different from the expectations high school teachers have of their students? Brainstorm with another student and/or interview upperclassmen and/or instructors to answer this question.
  4. Draw or describe in writing your vision of the ideal student-instructor-classmates relationship. Where do teaching, learning, and knowledge fit into your drawing or depiction?
  5. Interview a classmate and introduce him or her to the class. Create interesting interview questions so other students will really get to know your subject. Introduce him or her in a memorable way.
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