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Chapter 10 covers the topic of exams, from dealing with test anxiety to preparing for different types of exams. It also includes strategies for taking exams and—very important—teaches students how and why they should review their graded exams.

Online Resources
The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) has a helpful overview of symptoms and ways to cope with test anxiety. While it’s geared toward people with anxiety disorders, it is a good resource for anyone who wants to more about these topics.
Jonas-Salk High Tech Academy’s Pau Devoto produced a 12-part series on test-taking strategies for YouTube. The episodes include topics such as “Eliminating wrong answers.” These are simple, clear productions geared toward younger students, but they may be helpful to incoming college students, too.
This website, maintained by the Social Psychology Network, has test-taking tips geared for the college student.
Students can create their own flashcards with Quizlet, a free online service.
Study stack has ready-made online flashcards (everything from Italian to Anatomy) and also allows students to make their own.
This website includes an article on the top 10 productivity apps for college students, everything from Exam Support (“guided audio meditation”) to (a mind-mapping tool).

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