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Chapter 24 discusses the vital skills every student—no matter what his or her major is—needs to be successful in life after graduation.

Online Resources
The Foundation for Critical Thinking has a wealth of resources on its website, The handout linked above offers 9 strategies for incorporating critical thinking into everyday life.
Teampedia has all the icebreaker games and other teambuilding exercises you could dream of.
The New York Times’ comprehensive list of civic engagement resources will be invaluable if you plan on using Chapter 24 to explore the topic of civic knowledge and participation in more depth.
The Josephson Institute’s website,, has great resources on the topic of character. The link above provides an overview of the “six pillars of character,” which might be a good starting place for students about to discuss the topic. The website includes lesson plan ideas; the lesson plans are geared for K – 12 students but some could be modified for a first- or second-year college student.

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