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Chapter 8 outlines the reading, writing, and speaking skills that are critical to success in college in beyond. It also explains the importance of participation and gives students strategies for participating in a meaningful way. Finally, it provides essential tips for note taking and studying.

Online Resources
Your college probably has online resources for developing writing skills, but if it does not—or if you feel your students could use an additional resource—the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is comprehensive, accessible, and well organized.
Toastmasters International is one of the more prominent communication and leadership development organizations. Their website offers tips and techniques for giving a speech or making a presentation. It also gives suggestions for how to overcome the “fear factor.” Students learning to make informal as well as formal presentations may find this website invaluable. praises the Cornell note taking method in this article. The article also includes links to a Cornell note taking template and pdf, both handy resources for your students.
Dartmouth’s Academic Skills Center’s note taking website includes explanations of a variety of note taking methods, videos on how to take good notes, and also two good handouts on listening skills (“Learning by Listening” and “10 Bad Listening Habits”).

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