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Chapter 9 defines academic integrity and academic dishonesty, discusses the pressures or attitudes that encourage academic dishonesty, advises students how to handle those pressures without succumbing to academic dishonesty, and outlines some of the possible consequences of academic misconduct.

Online Resources
This article on Academic Dishonesty from Minnesota State University—Mankato provides a thorough but succinct overview of academic dishonesty statistics, trends, and attitudes. has current statistics, trends, and articles related to academic dishonesty.
The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University offers an overview of plagiarism, including the contradictions and intellectual challenges students face in American institutions (base your writing on what has already been said BUT write something fresh and original, for instance).
The University of Southern Mississippi provides this online plagiarism quiz and tutorial to help students assess what they already know about plagiarism and what they need to know in order to maintain their academic integrity.
Plagiarism quizzes, exercises, and links from Penn State.
USA Today’s article and graphics: “It’s Not Cheating if it’s the Internet.” A fascinating overview of cheating in today’s culture.

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