Thank you for choosing Life During College, Your Guide to Success as a supplement to your class. We understand the limited amount of time you have to work with your students and provide them the essential skills they need in order to achieve success during college. The first year of college is a pivotal time in a student’s life, a time to take on new academic, personal, social, and financial challenges.

Life During College was produced to help approach all of these challenges in brief, concise chapters to ensure every aspect of the college experience can be covered during your course. As an added benefit, we have provided the information below to assist you in developing your course – allowing you the ability to customize your class to your specific needs and the needs of your students. In addition to the exercises within the book, provides you online resources, exercises and other helpful tips and information from the authors, as well as other instructors who are using Life During College as part of their classroom experience.

We hope you and your students find these additional tools helpful. We encourage you to share tips, ideas, exercises, your class syllabi, or any other pieces of information that we can add to the resources below that will benefit other Life During College users. You can contact us at or (877) 569-9816.

Thank you,
Terry Arndt & Kirrin Coleman, Authors of Life During College

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