Terry Arndt, President of College Transition Publishing, enjoys speaking on college campuses, particularly on the topics of achieving financial and career success. Over the years, Terry has presented on more than 90 campuses across the country.

During his presentations, Terry pulls in real life examples from his own struggles as a college graduate achieving financial and career success, as well as those from the thousands of students that have shared their own experiences and accomplishments with him. In addition, Terry also discusses his successes – such as increasing his income by 300% just two years after college, starting his own businesses, hiring and managing employees, paying off his $130K in student loans in just 5 years, and living a life of financial freedom.

“My goal when speaking to college students is to put finances and career plans into perspective. Not go into the details on how to budget, network, etc. That is what my book is for. Instead, if I can describe a few keys to success and relate them to real-life situations that will resonate with a student, and then call them to action– I have accomplished my goal.” stated Terry.

Terry travels much less these days to spend more time at home with his new son, two other children and his wife. However, he does his best to visit as many campuses as he can through the year. To learn more about having Terry speak on your campus, please contact him directly at terry@collegetransitionpublishing.com or Schedule A Call with him.

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