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Welcome to College Transition Publishing. We help college students achieve academic, career and financial success, as well create educational tools for those serving this population.

Our mission is to provide student, and those who serve them, with the information, tools and resources that empower students to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.  In addition to publishing the industries highest-rated publications on transition issues, we also produce a wide range of free supplemental resources, including webcasts with industry leaders, best practices meetings, white papers, networking opportunities, and more.

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We are excited to offer you the opportunity to download a complimentary copy of one of our transition publications. Below are descriptions and additional information for each. To receive your complimentary download, simply click the button below.

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Life During Community College: Your Guide to Success

LDC New Front Cover(First Edition) – Available March 2016

Life During Community College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist students achieve achieve academic, personal, social, financial and career success while attending community college and beyond.

Life During College: Your Guide to Success

(5th Edition)

The MOST comprehensive, value-oriented college transition guide on the market. Packed with information, resources and tools to ensure your student achieves academic, personal, social, financial and career success throughout their college experience.

Life During College: The Online Learner's Guide to Success

LDC Online New Cover(First Edition) – Available March 2016

Life During College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist new Online Learners achieve academic, personal, financial and career success while completing their online education.

Serving Student Veterans?
We Can Help!


Camouflage to Campus

camo-to-campus-front-cover-largeCamouflage to Campus answers all the questions you have and is your blueprint for building an effective and authentic military-friendly program. An online certification course, knowledge base, best practices and support network to assist those supporting military-connected students in higher education.

Life During College: The Veteran's Guide to Success

(1st Edition)

The ESSENTIAL college transition guide written specifically for military veterans – covering academic, personal, social, financial and career success.




Camo to Career: The Veteran's Guide to Career Success

CTC New CoverFirst Edition

Camo to Career is the essential career guide written exclusively for recently separated service members looking to launch a successful career.




All Of Our Publications Are Now Available As Online Courses

Online Certification Courses

Engage and prepare your students before, during, and after college with our online certification programs. With an annual service fee as low as $1/user*, this service revolutionizes how students prepare for and succeed in college, as well as achieve financial and career success.


For a limited time, STEMTech Attendees are eligible to receive a 25% discount on any publication or online course purchase. Simply use promo code “STEMTech” when ordering. You can place your order HERE.


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