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Chapter 10 covers the topic of exams, from dealing with test anxiety to preparing for different types of exams. It also includes strategies for taking exams and—very important—teaches students how and why they should review their graded exams.


  1. What is your standard method for studying for exams? Rate its effectiveness on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is least effective and 10 is most effective. Explain your rating.
  2. What tips from this chapter are you most likely to try? Why?
  3. What style of exam (essay, true/false, multiple-choice, etc.) do you find most difficult? Why?
  4. Describe an excellent test you’ve taken: one that challenged you, truly assessed your knowledge, and taught you something valuable. Discuss with a partner.
  5. Read the following statement, then discuss the following questions with a partner or group:

    Students tend to focus too much on the grade associated with an exam, and not enough on the value of learning in preparation for it.
    Do you think this statement is true?
    What can instructors do to help students focus more on the value of learning?
    What can students do to help themselves focus more on the value of learning?

Exercises (LDC Website only)

  1. Explore current apps and websites for study tools that you think would be most helpful to college students. Be prepared to share with classmates.
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