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Chapter 14 centers on the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy habits. We discuss the benefits of getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and paying attention to other aspects of physical and mental health. We also outline the flip side of health, including poor diet, eating disorders, and depression.


  1. Keep track of your sleep for a week. How much sleep do you average per night? Is it high quality sleep? Do you feel well-rested after a night’s sleep?
  2. Tour your campus’s athletic and exercise facilities. What are their hours of operation? What kinds of classes are available?
  3. Visit your college’s counseling center and health center. What kinds of resources are available in each center? What are their hours? How does one go about making an appointment?
  4. If a friend exhibited signs of a possible eating disorder, what steps could you take to get him or her help? Discuss with a group.
  5. If a friend exhibited signs of depression, what steps might you take to get him or her help? Discuss with a group.

Exercises (LDC Website only)

  1. Read the NY Times and USA Today articles (see above links) on stress in college. What seem to be the most significant factors causing college students stress? What are some steps a first-year student might take to prevent overwhelming stress?
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