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Chapter 8 outlines the reading, writing, and speaking skills that are critical to success in college in beyond. It also explains the importance of participation and gives students strategies for participating in a meaningful way. Finally, it provides essential tips for note taking and studying.


  1. Try a new routine: If you usually study in your dorm room, try studying in the library. If you usually study in the evening, try it in the afternoon. Note the pros and cons of each studying situation.
  2. Create a 5-minute individual or group presentation on a topic related to this course. Ideas might include Study Habits, Places to Study, and the Most Valuable Resources on Campus. After your presentation, write a one-page reflection on the presentation’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Reflect on your participation skills: What are your strengths in this area? What are your weaknesses? Give yourself three specific challenges related to participation. How will you assess if you’ve been successful in meeting these challenges?
  4. Try two of the four note-taking formats in one of your other classes this week. Write a reflection (outline form is OK) on which format you think was most effective and why.

Exercises (LDC Website only)

  1. Help create a resource for your class! Find one or two YouTube or other online videos that teach one of the skills discussed in this chapter. Make sure you only include those links that are truly valuable.
  2. With your classmates, identify resources your college has to offer related to the skills discussed in this chapter.
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