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Chapter 14 centers on the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy habits. We discuss the benefits of getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and paying attention to other aspects of physical and mental health. We also outline the flip side of health, including poor diet, eating disorders, and depression.

Online Resources
The National Institutes of Health’s “Brain Basics – Understanding Sleep” website has great, basic information about the function of sleep, how much sleep we need, common sleep disorders, and how to get a good night’s sleep.
A great teaching resource, NOVA’s Science Now video explores sleep function, including memory. This would be an excellent video to share with first-year students, who often think of all-nighters as a valuable way to prepare for exams.
Another resource on the NOVA ScienceNow webpage, this FAQ with sleep expert Matt Walker covers all sorts of sleep-related questions. is a comprehensive and personalized resource. Users can register some basic personal information—sex, height, weight, etc.—and track their nutrition. They can also set goals and track them, create personalized reports, and learn more about diet and exercise basics.
This New York Times article “Record Level of Stress Found in College Freshmen” is both timely and informative.
USA Today’s article “Poll Shows Stress Pains Many in College” may help persuade first-year college students to take preventative measures to limit stress.

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