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Chapter 20 discusses budgeting. We show students how (and why!) to create a budget, strategies for dealing with budget problems, and ways to stretch even the most limited of incomes.

Online Resources
A free online budget calculator from
CNN Money has some great budgeting resources. This link can help students see how their budget matches up to the “ideal” budget. (For example, ideally housing and rent should account for about 30% of one’s expenses.)
CNN Money’s “Money 101, Lesson 2: Making a Budget” can be a great way to supplement Chapter 20. The lesson includes budget overviews, a glossary, and a test students can take to help them assess their understanding of basic budgeting.
Mapping Your Future is a nonprofit organization centered on financial education. Their budget calculator is simple and easy to use. The website has other helpful links.
Show Me the Future is a fun game for students of all ages. Players receive an identity and then must make financial and other life decisions based on that identity. is a free online money-tracking and budgeting site. Some students might be interested in compiling all of their financial life—checking and savings accounts, student loans, etc.—into one site.
From theatre tickets to car insurance, students have a lot of discounts available to them. This article gives an overview of discounts students might not be aware of.

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