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Chapter 4 focuses on academic planning, from working with an academic advisor to selecting (and changing) a major and minor. We discuss the importance of developing a graduation plan and offer suggestions and tips for selecting and registering for classes.

Online Resources
The National Center for Education Statistics has the most thorough, most current information about degrees conferred by institutions. This website may be interesting to students who want to find out what the most popular majors are, and which fields are increasing or decreasing in popularity.
This 2009 article by US News offers suggestions on the most important questions to ask before selecting a major.
Adventures in Education, a service of the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, has this online calculator that students can use to budget their time in college—as well as their finances.
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a widely-used personality test. Your students may be interested in taking this online version to get some information about their personality and what majors and jobs might best fit their interests.
Students might consider class start times when they’re selecting classes to take for the next term. This website offers a daily rhythm test, where individuals can learn more about their internal body clocks.
If you or your students need a break from the talk of planning, mapping, and organizing, PBS’s series Roadtrip Nation offers interesting, entertaining stories of people searching for their passion—and inspiring people who found their passion and made it their job.

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