It wasn’t like we got PhD’s. I got an MBA and a job making about the same amount I was making before I started college.

My wife and I were lucky. A lot of our classmates took much longer to find jobs…many in areas they didn’t want to work (but had to), and some even decided to become stay-at-home Moms and Dads.

The realization of the sheer magnitude of our debt really hit us until a few months after graduation when we got our letters from the SallieMae…WOW! That was a wake-up call.

This nightmare for us doesn’t have to be the case for your students…and soon-to-be graduates.

Alan J. McMillan, Founder of and I will be hosting a free webinar next week titled:

Learn Earn Retire

Career & Financial Success…During and After College

 Regardless of your role on campus, you need to participate.  And even if you can’t make this date – register anyway so you get the recording to watch later.  Topics we will be covering include:

  • Engaging Students Early and Often
  • Financial & Career Success in FYE (First Year Experience) & SYE (Senior Year Experience)
  • How to Establish Career & Financial Education Programs on Campus
  • The Role Career, Alumni, Student Services and Financial Aide Have
  • How Employers Can Encourage Success
  • And much more!

I guarantee you will have solid takeaways from this 45 minute webinar.  In addition, Alan will be sharing his free calculator.

Learn more and register HERE!


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