Veteran Transition Publishing announced today that Terry Arndt, President of the company, has been invited to speak at College of San Mateo’s Student Veteran Leadership Conference October 8-9.

Arndt’s program will be focused on developing strategic partnerships for Veteran services on college campuses. “You can’t do it alone” stated Arndt.  “Often, the biggest hurdle to the success and growth of any organization is the ability of its leadership to fully understand that they can’t do it alone. They need supporters. People and organizations that share (or support) the purpose, mission and goals of your program. Student veteran organizations are often challenged with limited funding, staffing, and support resources. Strategic partnerships on and off-campus are the answer. My goal for this conference is to help those attending learn how to locate, connect, educate and develop strategic partnerships to support their programming” added Arndt.

Dr. Henry Villareal, Dean of Enrollment Services at the College of San Mateo, will also be presenting with Arndt.  Villareal not only has extensive experience serving student veterans at the College of San Mateo, but also understands the all important aspect of veteran services – funding. “Funding is always a big concern” stated Arndt. “No matter what event I attend related to student veteran programming, one of the top 5 reasons given for why a college is not able to grow its veteran services is funding.  Having Dr. Villareal’s experience available during this program is very exciting. I’m excited to be partnering with him on this program” added Arndt.

The conference is being developed by College of San Mateo’s Veteran Services Program and College of San Mateo’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter. According to Justine Evirs, the Veterans Services Program Coordinator at the College of San Mateo, “Students and staff have come together to develop a meaningful and purpose filled agenda for everyone involved. You can expect to learn more about the SVA and why every school should build and support a chapter on your campus.” Evirs, College of An Mateo’s SVA Chapter President, Tiannia Romero, are leading the charge for this conference. Most recently, the two were featured in G.I. Jobs Magazine for their work in creating a military-friendly center at the College of San Mateo.

More than 250 people have already registered for this first-time conference. Details, and tickets, are available online. Financial Aid is also available.

In addition to Arndt and Villareal’s program, breakout sessions at the conference will include:

  • Your Road to Ivy League
  • SVA Q&A w/ Walter Tillman
  • STEM 360
  • Vet Center Best Practices
  • Vetreprenuership
  • SVA Chapter Sustainability
  • Hill Vets Town Hall
  • SVA Advisor Panel
  • Student Veteran Counseling Q&A

The conference is sponsored by LinkedIn, California VFW, Student Veterans of America, and College of San Mateo’s Veterans Resource Opportunity Center.

“It’s exciting to see this and other student veteran focused events taking place around the country” stated Arndt. “Not only do our student veterans have so much to gain from a higher education degree, but the college has so much to gain as well. Veterans offer a campus a tremendous wealth of diversity and knowledge. More needs to be done to ensure their success” added Arndt.

Veteran Transition Publishing is the leading independently owned publisher focused solely on providing academic, career and financial success programs for those who served, as well as the vital resources necessary to ensure the success of those serving this population. You can learn more by visiting

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