College Transition Publishing announced it will be sponsoring the  Two Year First Year Conference in Denver, CO September 22-23.

According to College Transition Publishing President, Terry Arndt, the growth and interest of first year programming at the community college and trade/tech school level is on a definite upward path. Two year schools have experienced poor retention rates for numerous reasons, but programming to address some of the most significant retention issues have not been available…until now.

“We are working with some very progressive two year programs that are not only seeing significant changes in their retention rates, but also their overall academic success rates. Other programs are seeing these results and asking why?  Why can’t we do the same thing. And they can. The foundation and support network are now available to help these programs.” stated Arndt.  “The TYFY Conference is an important part of that support” added Arndt.

The TYFY Conference has numerous keynote speakers and session facilitators that focus on two year success programming, trends, and best practices. In addition, industry service providers, such as College Transition Publishing, are available to assist programs that are ready to implement a successful retention program.

College Transition Publishing recently introduced Life During Community College as a student success guide and online certification course.  Written by Tawnya Beermann, Kirrin Coleman, and Terry Arndt, Life During Community College provides the foundation blocks for a two year student to achieve academic, financial, career success, as well as personal development.  Even more, it helps the reader understand the opportunities, and related steps, associated with making the transition from a two year program to a four year program or a new career.

Terry Arndt will be attending the conference on behalf of College Transition Publishing.  Arndt did indicate that every attendee at the conference will be receiving a copy of Life During Community College.  “We believe its important for these progressive leaders to have this information. Even if they don’t implement Life During Community College into their program, I’m confident they will benefit professionally from the resource, as well as share information from it with the students they serve” stated Arndt.





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