With $130K in debt a new business plan in hand, I had my goal in my sights.  I wanted to be debt free and on the road to success ASAP!

My business plan…a book.  Yep, a book!

The book was called, Your Financial Future: A Guide to Life After Graduation. I was so excited when I finished the book.  It had everything a new college graduate would experience.  And of course, being the cheap guy I was, I made the book on a budget.  I even created the cover design myself.  Here’s a link to a picture of it (try not to laugh).

Sure enough, within 5 years those student loans were gone.

Most students aren’t as fortunate. Many don’t have the skill set or knowledge to make the decisions I made, nor do they have access to the information I outlined in the book.  Which is why I continued my business – to reach a broader base of students and make financial education a priority at ALL levels of the college transition process.

Alan J. McMillan, Founder of LearnEarnRetire.com, shares the same mission as I do.  That is why I arranged for him to join me for a free webinar next week titled:

Learn Earn Retire: Career & Financial Success…During and After College

Regardless of your role on campus, you need to participate.  And even if you can’t make this date – register anyway so you get the recording to watch later.  Topics we will be covering include:

  • Engaging Students Early and Often
  • Financial & Career Success in FYE (First Year Experience) & SYE (Senior Year Experience)
  • How to Establish Career & Financial Education Programs on Campus
  • The Role Career, Alumni, Student Services and Financial Aide Have
  • How Employers Can Encourage Success
  • And much more!

I guarantee you will have solid takeaways from this 45 minute webinar.  In addition, Alan will be sharing his free calculator and I may even toss in a free copy of my book.

Learn more and register HERE Today!

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