Precollege counseling, private tutors who specialize in helping students with their college admissions essays, SAT preparation classes—a mini industry has cropped up to assist high school students (and younger) with college selection and preparation.

While not all incoming first-year college students have access to these resources, all undoubtedly work very hard to prove their potential for success in college. Starting at a very young age—the National Association for College Admission Counseling recommends that precollege counseling begin as early as middle school and junior high—students understand that college is the goal, the ticket to a successful future. Indeed, there is so much emphasis on preparing for college that it is possible to overlook the challenges that students face when they actually get there.

What are the challenges facing today’s college student? How can institutions support their incoming students, help them feel connected to their campus community, and make sure they have the tools to succeed academically and personally? After all, institutions realize that by helping incoming students with the transition into college, they can improve student success as well as retention rates.

Student success depends on overcoming the academic, financial, and personal challenges they encounter. For instance, many first-year college students have
not yet mastered the writing, presentation, and study skills they need. Outside of the classroom, they need to familiarize themselves with available campus resources, learn how to cope with stress in a healthy manner, and figure out how to balance their academic and personal life. And, finally, they have to figure out how to pay for it all and not get mired in student loan or credit card debt.

Maddie, a first-year student at Pacific University, will discuss her own first year experiences – addressing the challenges she personally faced in a free webcast hosted by Terry Arndt, President of College Transition Publishing.  In addition, Maddie will offer advice and tips to incoming students, AND PARENTS, on how to best plan for their own first year experience.

Register today for this free web event by registering HERE.  The event is limited to 100 attendees.  In addition, attendees will receive a copy of the Essentials for College Success white paper, a recording of the event, as well as a chance to receive a review copy of College Transition Publishing’s Life During College series.

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