As I contemplated dropping out of college, I didn’t think anyone understood what I was going through. So I left school and got a job. In fact, I did that 3 times. It wasn’t until I finally connected with someone on campus that gave me hope, and direction, that allowed me to continue on with my education, get two advanced degrees, and develop the business plan for the company I operate today.

The decision to quit, to be another statistic, to feel like a failure occurs thousands of times a year on our college campuses.  But there are those that don’t quit, those that seek assistance, those that are given the support to keep moving forward. And then there are those that beat the odds.

The team at the College of Southern Nevada, and their project, No Greater Odds, hit a nerve when I watched their film. I connected with them immediately and told them “we need to share this with the world!”. Fortunately, they agreed.

I’m asking all of my connections on LinkedIn to not only join us for this free webinar, but I’m also asking you to share this post with as many people as you can – colleagues, students, staff, parents, advisers…anyone that has a role or interest in higher education. Trust me, this webinar (particularly the movie) will move you!

Join our conversation and learn more about No Greater Odds – a film highlighting the stories of real students achieving academic success…and beating the odds.

Title: No Greater Odds

Time:  Tuesday, 11:30AM (EST) & Thursday, 4:00PM (EST)

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