“I’ve been tasked with creating a veterans program on our campus. I’m not sure where to start. Can you help me?”

I can’t tell you how many times in the past 2.5 months that this statement/question has been asked of me. And its not just from military/veteran professionals on college campuses. It’s from all areas of campus.

I’m about to wrap-up the last of 13 college industry conferences next week. These ranged from military-connected conferences, to career success conferences, regional events, and even first-year experience conferences. Regardless of the event, there was always someone in attendance looking for help in creating a veteran success program on their campus.

As I described to these individuals the publications and services Veteran Transition Publishing offers, I could see the weight being lifted off of their shoulders and a smile begin to develop on their faces.

Our mission is to provide academic, personal development, financial and career advice resources to our educators – the faculty, staff and advisers working with our student veterans. One way we do that is through informational webinars.

Dr. Nicholas Osborne, author of Life During College: The Veterans Guide to Success and Dr. Dustin Lange, author of Camo to Career: The Veterans Guide to Career Success, have teamed-up to offer a FREE informational webinar titled,Serving Student Veterans – Developing a Successful Transition Program. The goal of this webinar is to challenge viewers, regardless of their level of expertise, to achieve greater success in serving the veterans on their campuses.

I will be hosting this webinar. Some of the topics we plan to cover include:

  • No budget, no orientation programming, limited space, unable to identify student veterans on campus – these are just a few of the challenges faced by educators I have talked to. What advice can you offer them? What steps can they take to better serve their student veterans? And what can they do to build a foundation for their program?
  • How do you measure success of your program?
  • How do you identify student veterans and what is the process of working with them?
  • What are the primary barriers student veterans encounter?
  • What resources are available to assist in the development of our programming for student veterans?
  • How to increase participation to student veteran events?
  • As well as questions from audience members.

Regardless of your role on campus or your level of experience serving student veterans – if you want to better serve the student veterans on your campus,REGISTER HERE for this free event. And be sure to Sign-Up for Our Newsletterso we can update you on future upcoming events and resources.

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