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I started speaking professionally 17 years ago on the college circuit. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at more than 50 colleges across the country – touching the lives of thousands of students by sharing my own experiences, tips, and resources on how to achieve academic, financial, and career success.

Although I love speaking on colleges, I’ve reduced the number of events over the years to reduce my travel and allow me more time with my family.  In addition to a handful of collegiate events, my focus has turned toward speaking at industry conferences, corporate programming, and coaching.

My favorite part of speaking is the connection after the event. Hearing the audiences own personal stories, challenges, accomplishments, and the inspiration I provided them.

As my team has expanded, so have the opportunities to reach even more people. Now, all of our team members are available as speakers. From faculty/staff training, student campus events, to industry events – online or in-person – my team will provide you a unique and authentic program that is sure to inspire your group.

Terry J. Arndt


Colleges & Universities


Past Programs Topics Include:


Faculty & Staff Student Veteran Training

Student Round Table with Administrators

Financial Success After Graduation

Career Success After Graduation

Community College Success

Career Fair/Interview Preparation

College Success

Companies & Non-Profits


Past Program Topics Include:


Purpose, Mission, Goals

New Hire On-Boarding

Employee Career Success

Employee Financial Success



Veteran Recruitment

Conferences & Events


Past Program Topics Include:


Marketing 101

Engaging Students

Purpose, Mission, Goals

Student Veterans

Why Are You Here

2X Community College Drop Out

Career Success


My passion is to coach. The reward in coaching is the personal satisfaction of seeing others achieve their goal – to accomplish what they didn’t think was possible, or may have thought was out of reach. My approach to coaching is to hold my clients accountable. They know what they want to achieve. My task is to show them the path to get there, work together on a timeline for success, provide them access to the necessary tools, and hold them accountable along the way. Often, most clients know what needs to be done, they just need a coach to encourage them along the way.

In recent years I’ve began to coach football – first starting with a youth league and eventually to the high school level. I’ll admit I am not the best X’s and O’s coach. But I focus my coaching on my strength – helping those young men believe in themselves and understand the power of teamwork. That approach has allowed my teams to flourish athletically and personally.

I continue to coach individuals and small business owners on a limited basis – on everything from professional development to business automation…and my favorite, marketing.  In addition, a few of my team have started coaching and are expanding their reach to include college program development.

If you have been considering adding a coach, let’s talk. Even if I, or one of my team, are not the right fit, I’ll provide you information to assist you in your search. 

Terry Arndt



It depends on what you want, need, and of course….your budget.

In terms of speaking, we have conducted a single one-hour online skype classroom discussion for as low as $250 to a 2-day multi-event campus program (including all expenses) for $5500, and everything in between. A few of  our team, although extremely talented speakers, are looking to build-up their experience. Thus, they are available at very competitive rates. The best place to start is to contact us. We will discuss what you are looking for, what you would like to accomplish, the budget you have to work with, and timing. If its a good fit, we will do our best to make it work.

As for coaching, we view this as a long-term relationship. In the interest of both parties, we start the coaching relationship with a one-month evaluation period. This allows both parties the ability to work together and determine if the fit is amicable. Depending on the scope of the coaching relationship, both parties will agree on the initial one-month fee and subsequent fees for the entire scope of coaching. Once the coaching program is completed, the relationship will move to a consulting program if applicable. Fees for this service will vary depending on the scope and frequency of consultation visits. The minimum fee for coaching is $2500 (including initial one-month fee).

Terry’s presentation was fun and entertaining. Our students loved how he applied the strategies of a successful first date and related it to being successful in their first jobs. Terry tapped into something that our students could easily relate to and then showed them how to use that knowledge to succeed in the workplace. In addition, Terry made himself available after the program to answer questions about career fairs, interviews and resumes. That was an added benefit we did not expect. We look forward to his next program at Washington State.

– Britni, Washington State University

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