November 11 our nation celebrates our Veterans. For our Veterans on college campuses, this is a time to educate and develop awareness among administrators, faculty, staff and fellow students about what it means to have served this great country. And for our college communities, its also a time to show their appreciation for everything our Veterans have sacrificed.

Earlier this month, I asked colleges from across the country to share the celebrations of Veterans Day. The response has been phenomenal. Georgetown University, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, Southeastern Community College, Simpson University, Temple University, St. Louis Community College, University of Scranton, De Anza College, Lanier Technical College, Boise State University, University of Texas – San Antonio, Wake Tech, and many more responded by sending flyers, pictures, and descriptions of their events.

We have compiled those and put them on our Student Veterans Celebration page. I encourage you to look over those. If you are looking for ways to develop/enhance Veteran awareness on your campus – please get ideas, contact the program leadership, and replicate these events. As you will see they range from hosting national speakers, to having information sessions about the branches of the military, to local children creating signs of thanks. You don’t have to go big right from the start. The key is taking a first step. And your peers have made it easy for you by sharing the templates for you to use.

If you have pictures, flyers, videos, or other promotional items you can share of your events on campus, please pass those along and I will have those added. You can contact me here.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Flor Chacon and the administration at Cabrillo College for inviting me to their campus Nov. 9/10 to assist them in their Veteran Day celebrations. They hosted a variety of events all week leading up to the bbq/ribbon cutting ceremony of their new Veteran Information Center. I provided the faculty and staff an introduction to Veteran Ally Training and was honored to speak at the ribbon cutting. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to be part of their celebrations. Thank you for that opportunity.

Finally, you will notice that I included all of our Veteran-related products and services to the site at steep discounts. Its our way to help Student Veteran programs develop and enhance their offerings. If you are looking for ways to create authentic and meaningful services for your Student Veterans, please contact me. My team, your peers, and I would love to assist you.

Have a wonderful Student Veterans Celebration Month! And thank you for your service.

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