Bainbridge Island, WA (May 23, 2016)Terry Arndt, college transition expert, author, speaker and coach, will speak on Monday, May 30, 2016 a NISOD 2016 – an International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence held in Austin, TX.

Arndt, a community college drop-out, will leading a program titled, Failing at the Core: Life During Community College – a discussion on the challenges facing community colleges and the students they serve.

“I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have a path to follow.  I felt I was alone and didn’t see the big.  Self-responsibility was part of the issue, but as I learned later…the colleges need to accept some of the responsibility as well” stated Arndt. “It all comes down to fundamentals. Not only orienting new students to the college experience, but also providing them the basic tools for success. In addition, both parties (college and student) need to be held accountable.” added Arndt.

As President of College Transition Publishing, Arndt has spoken at numerous higher education conferences this year, including the Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, League for Innovations Conference, National Association of Veteran’s Upward Bound, as well as several career transition conferences.

NISOD 2016 is for community and technical colleges, as well as other two-year institutions, from around the world. They provide a platform for members to improve teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal of increasing student success.

About College Transition Publishing:

College Transition Publishing specializes in the development of publications, webinars, presentations and coaching for professionals serving those who are transitioning from the military, through college and into a new career.  It is the largest independently owned publishing firm in the higher education market place with seven current transition publications serving more than 1,000 colleges/universities, employers and private/public organizations.


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