Last week I was in Chicago for the 2016 Innovations Conference where I was speaking, as well as exhibiting our various publications and services for 2-year colleges.  One of the attendees at the conference was Nicholas, an Alumni and Instructor from South Texas College.

Nicholas was walking through the exhibit hall and stopped in front of my booth.  He pointed at the Backpack to Briefcase: Steps to a Successful Career book, looked at me, and said “I got that book when I was in college.”  He described how he received a custom version of the book from the school prior to graduating, read through it, and implemented numerous components of the book into his new career.  He found the book so valuable that he shared it with a friend that had been out of work for some time and was about to begin a new job.  He to gained a lot from the book too.

I loved Nicholas’ story so much, I asked if I could interview him using my phone.  He agreed.  Watch it now.

Backpack to Briefcase: Steps to a Successful Career is now in it’s 4th edition and has been in publication for more than 10 years. Stories like what Nicholas shared with me are not uncommon.  Receiving crucial career advice at a vital time in your career is incredibly valuable.

Today we not only serve colleges, but employers, recruiters and coaches are utilizing Backpack to Briefcase into their programming as well.  And why not?  The book simply lays out the steps to a successful career.  But don’t take my word for it.  Ask Nicholas and his friend.



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