One of the rewarding parts of my job is receiving feedback and resources from my clients.

There are thousands of veteran programs on college campuses around the country – each serving a unique group of students. Yet, despite the uniqueness of their audience, the services these programs provide are often similar. That is why its important to look around your region, state, and country and see how others in your field are supporting our student veterans.

Ross Bryant, Director of Military & Veteran Services Center at UNLV, shared a link with me to the video library his team created to better engage prospective and current students. It’s an amazing resource that has hugely benefited their program. I think the most important component of this resource is that it personalizes the program. It puts faces on the program. It allows students to see what UNLV’s program is like vs. simply reading a web page or brochure.

Nelse Grundvig a Researcher at the University of WI-Madison’s Center of Education and Work connected with me at a recent Career Success Conference. I shared a copy of my book, Camo to Career, with him. In return, he shared a link to a project he had contributed to for the WI Department of Workforce Development. Although it contains specific resources for veterans in WI, there are a number of great resources every veteran can benefit from. Here is the link to that pdf.¬†

I love receiving emails from across the country with “Terry, here is a pretty neat resource we created…” or the like. And I want to receive a lot more!

If you have a resource, event, handout, or other type of support tool your team has created, please share it with me so I can share it with the thousands of program leaders from across the country. And I challenge you to use the resources mentioned above, as well as future resources I share, to further enhance and develop your own programming.

Thank you for your service!

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