January 21, 2016 – College Transition Publishing announced today the launching of Veteran Transition Publishing.

Veteran Transition Publishing will focus on the needs and resources student veterans (and those that serve them) need in order to achieve academic, financial and career success.

Last February, College Transition Publishing introduced a new publication to the student veteran market that focused on college transition issues titled, Life During College: The Veteran’s Guide to Success.  The book was written by Dr. Nicholas J. Osborne, Kirrin Coleman, and Terry Arndt, President of the company.  According to Arndt, Dr. Osborne presented the idea for the book to him a year earlier.  “I was resistant at first”, said Arndt. “I wasn’t aware of the need, or the demand, for resources like this on college campuses.”  According to Arndt, this book has been one of College Transition Publishing’s best book launches in years.

Each year hundreds of thousands of service members leave the military for civilian life. That number is expected to increase. As part of this transition, many enroll in a postsecondary education program.  The transition from a highly structured military environment to a college or university can be overwhelming for veterans, who may confront a variety of barriers in their quest to earn a degree.  In addition, veterans are often highly motivated go-getters with a wealth of experiences and qualities that stand out to employers.  Unfortunately, they often struggle with translating these skills to civilian terms.  According to Arndt, “Our student veteran population are graduating with a great degree, they possess amazing experiences, have the skill sets employers are seeking, but unable to secure a job.  That is a problem we want to correct.”

“The market told us we needed to create Veteran Transition Publishing“, said Arndt.  “It’s an amazing group of customers I work with.  They are so dedicated to the success of their student veterans, but often lack the necessary tools and resources to effectively serve those students.  I asked them what they needed and then I work with my team to produce them at a extremely reasonable price.”

Veteran Transition Publishing is releasing a new publication titled, Camo to Career: The Veteran’s Guide to Success written by Dr. Dustin D. Lange, Dr. Nicholas J. Osborne, Kirrin Coleman, and Terry Arndt.  The book describes the vast number of resources on and off-campus to assist student veterans with their job search process.  It also provides tools and examples to assist student veterans translate their military experiences to civilian terms.  In addition, it provides them step-by-step instructions on how to advance in their career once they are employed.  “It’s an exciting product”, said Arndt.  “We had a lot of input from the market on the development of it – from the college market as well as from employers and recruiters.  I’m confident this book launch will be just as successful as the Life During College book.”

In addition to publications, Veteran Transition Publishing will be providing free webcasts, best practices meetings and white papers, newsletters, blog posts, and networking opportunities for those who serve student veterans.  To learn more visit www.VeteranTransitionPublishing.com.  You can sign-up for their newsletter here.


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