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What is the Life After Graduation program?

The Life After Graduation program was developed to provide graduates with the essential foundation tools to achieve career and financial success after graduation. In short, to answer all the questions they have about the transition from college to the “real world” – and some they never thought to ask!


From mastering soft skills to asking for your first raise – these are essential tools graduates need to succeed. Unfortunately, they don’t possess these skills. However, they can with your help.


College Career Services, Alumni Services, Human Resources, Recruiters, On-boarding Professionals, and others are now using our resources to prepare their students/new hires for career and financial success.





Terry J. Arndt, President of College Transition Publishing, discusses the Life During College program and describes why its become an invaluable resource for college success programs.

Our Offerings

Backpack to Briefcase

This book will take you from your first day on the job to your annual performance review.  It will help you master workplace etiquette and decipher your pay stub. It provides tips on finding and working with a mentor as well as pointers on working with various personalities in the workplace. Your career is off to a great start with Backpack to BriefcaseBackpack to Briefcase answers all the questions you have and some you haven’t yet thought to ask. You’ll be the expert in your field soon; in the meantime, use Backpack to Briefcase to make the transition to the workplace smooth and successful.

Online Courses

Make any of the Life After Graduation publications an online “Career Readiness” or “Financial Readiness” certificate course. Customizable to your institution and your student’s (or new hire’s) specific needs. This is an efficient and effective method of engaging students after graduation and new employees prior to their first day or work. In addition, it can be used as a promotional tool to engage recruits.  These courses can also be used as the text for your senior transition class – allowing students to access the information for free.

Life After Graduation

Life After Graduation is the essential guide to life after college. With step-by-step advice, clear explanations, and answers to your most common questions, this book prepares you for the opportunities and challenges you’ll encounter as a recent graduate. It covers all of the issues you need to know about, provides the most current definitions and examples, and points you to great resources to go to for more information. You’re on your way to a successful career and a strong financial future, even if right now you feel mired in debt and unsure of your professional path.

Speaking & Coaching

Our team is available to conduct training programs and keynote presentations related to student transition topics. In addition, we offer coaching services to provide you one-on-one training to ensure you reach your goals.

Camo to Career

Each year over 200,000 service members transition from the military and subsequently become veterans. Although veterans are often highly motivated go-getters with a wealth of experience and qualities that stand out to employers, translating these skills and integrating into a civilian workforce can still be a challenge. Fortunately for you, Camo to Career is the essential guide written exclusively for recently separated service members looking to launch a successful career. This book covers everything from ways to maximize your time on a college campus to what to expect on the job – as well as how to deal with the unexpected.

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Free Resources

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