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Life During College

Life During College is a comprehensive guide developed to assist first-year college students with valuable advice and tools, such as: are my lecture notes preparing me for the exam, how can I deal with homesickness, what’s the best way to study for exams, how can I develop my writing and speaking skills, where can I turn if I have health problems, how can I maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the “freshman fifteen”, how will I survive on a student budget, am I financing my education wisely, am I developing skills employers are seeking, and much more.

Veteran's Guide to Success

Drawing on decades of experience in the military and higher education, Life During College: The Veteran’s Guide to Success, provides straightforward guidance for veterans looking to earn a degree. This book discusses the many issues that transitioning veterans are likely to encounter as students.





Life During Community College

Earning a community college education opens the door to your future.  Whether you are pursuing a credential that prepares you to enter the workforce directly or one that prepares you to transfer successfully to a four-year college or university, you’ll build an essential skill set and make important connections during these years. Life During Community College will serve as an essential guide to life in community college and beyond.



Online Learner's Guide

You enrolled in college because it opens up opportunities. You’ll succeed in college because you recognize that the journey includes academic, personal, social, and financial challenges. Life During College: The Online Learner’s Guide to Success will help you approach those challenges with confidence. This book guides students through their first online courses and presents tips for success that can be used well after graduation.



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What is the Life During College program?

The Life During College program was developed to not only enhance your current college success programming, but to also support you…the faculty, staff, and administrators that are dedicated to ensuring the academic success of the students you serve.

Our team of authors and reviewers are your peers – educators that are actively engaged in developing college success programming on their own campuses. We understand that no two campuses or students are the same. That is why we offer a diversity of products that are focused on specific audiences. Currently we offer services for traditional, community college, student veterans, and online learners.

Our clients are often not seeking to develop their orientation program around a text. Instead, they are seeking to create a college success program that includes core fundamentals, inon-cognitive skill development, as well as diversity in programming. They want a program that is customizable to their specific needs. And they want a program that works within their limited budget and/or they don’t want their students spending a lot of money on a book. We offer our clients all the above and much more.



Kirrin R. Coleman, Lead Author & Editor of President of College Transition Publishing, discusses the Life During College program and describes why its become an invaluable resource for college success programs.

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