Bainbridge Island, WA (April 9, 2018) – College Transition Publishing announced the release of its latest publication, Life During College, Your Guide to Success (6th edition).

As described on the company’s website, college is a pivotal time in a college students life, a time to take on new challenges and establish lifelong habits. Life During College, Your Guide to Success will help students navigate the academic, personal, social, and financial challenges of this life stage with confidence.

The book provides straightforward guidance and addresses the topics students are most interested in, such as:

  • Developing effective, efficient study strategies
  • Connecting with your school
  • Financing your education wisely
  • Supporting your health and well-being
  • Developing strong communication skills
  • Making decisions now that will support your future professional life

Packed with concise explanations, helpful charts and tables, real-life examples, tips and resources, Life During College is both informative and engaging. Each chapter includes individual and group exercises to extend and personalize student learning.

Life During College has been instrumental in how colleges develop programming to prepare their students for their college experience” stated Terry Arndt, President of College Transition Publishing and Contributing Author of Life During College. “Since the first edition of Life During College was released in 2002, the book has been utilized on hundreds of campuses across the United States – helping thousands of students every fall make a successful transition through college. It’s extremely rewarding to now we play such an integral part in a college student’s success” added Arndt.

To support the release of the new edition, Kirrin Coleman, Contributing Author of Life During College, released a white paper titled, Life During College, The Parent’s Guide to Success. The white paper not only describes how parents can support their child’s transition to college, but also how to manage their own transition.

Kirrin’s contribution to the book with her white paper has been amazing. The response to the white paper has been tremendous. Parents, educators, and secondary-education organizations have been wanting a resource like this. This is just another example of our goal to be a resource on the college transition process” stated Arndt. You can read the white paper using this link or clicking on the image below.

Kirrin Coleman and Terry Arndt also released a video describing the new edition of Life During College, as well as discussing Kirrin’s white paper. The video is available using this link or clicking on the image below.

The book is available on College Transition Publishing’s website, as well as The site also offers a variety of free resources to assist students, parents, and educators.

About the Authors:

Terry J, Arndt – Terry earned his Master of Business from the University of Florida. During his education, he found that sharing information with his classmates on how to achieve financial, career and academic success was extremely rewarding. As a result of his passion for helping others, Terry developed and launched College Transition Publishing during his MBA program. Since 1999, Terry has authored and published 15 publications, written numerous papers, and presented on hundreds of college campuses to tens of thousands of college students about achieving success during the college transition process. Terry is currently the President of College Transition Publishing (

Kirrin R. Coleman – Kirrin has a Master of Arts in Education from Wake Forest University. She is a National Board Certified teacher who teaches English on Bainbridge Island, Washington. She is the coauthor and editor of Life During College, Life During College-The Veteran’s Guide to Success, Life During Community College, Life During College-The Online Learner’s Guide to Success, Life After Graduation, Backpack to Briefcase, and Camo to Career.

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